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wwListBoxNav Class Reference

ListBox with navigation.

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Public Slots

void insertItem (QListBoxItem *item)
 Inserts an item to the listbox.
void insertItem (const QString &text)
 Inserts an item to the listbox.
virtual void moveDown ()
 Moves current item downwards.
virtual void moveUp ()
 Moves current item upwards.
void removeSelected ()
 Removes the selected item from listbox.

Public Member Functions

const QPushButton * downButton ()
 Returns pointer to the "down" button.
const QListBox * listBox ()
 Returns pointer to the QListBox object.
const QPushButton * upButton ()
 Returns pointer to the "up" button.

Protected Slots

virtual void onClicked (QListBoxItem *)
 Slot invoked when the listbox is clicked.

Member Function Documentation

const QPushButton * wwListBoxNav::downButton  ) 

pointer to "down" QPushButton

void wwListBoxNav::insertItem QListBoxItem *  item  )  [slot]

item item to be inserted

void wwListBoxNav::insertItem const QString &  text  )  [slot]

text text to be inserted

const QListBox * wwListBoxNav::listBox  ) 

pointer to the list box

void wwListBoxNav::onClicked QListBoxItem *  it  )  [protected, virtual, slot]

it pointer to item clicked

const QPushButton * wwListBoxNav::upButton  ) 

pointer to "up" QPushButton

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