Current version: 1.0a (10-Jan-2013) – (src) (MinGW) (MSVC) (Qt SDK)


QwwRadialPickerwwWidgets is a professional set of useful widgets for Qt 4 and Qt 5. It consists of several different widgets that are either enhanced versions of widgets bundled with Qt or completely new ones that implement functionality not available in Qt including custom multipage container widgets that can hold other widgets.

The classes follow all guidelines for building new widgets. Thanks to that they can be used with different widget styles (like Plastique or WindowsXP) and they are easily stylable using Qt style sheets allowing a perfect blend with the rest of your application.

All widgets can be used directly from within Qt Designer thanks to the widget plugin acompaniating the library. The plugin makes it possible to place wwWidgets on forms and edit their properties and contents just like for default widgets – using the property browser and dedicated property editors for complex properties like sets of colors.

wwWidgets are well documented, after installing the package, the reference is available from within Qt Assistant. The documentation looks like the one available for default Qt classes so it integrates well with it – you can browse and search the documentation and all wwWidgets component symbols can be found in the index.




Extract the archive to a temporary directory. Either issue a tar zxf wwWidgets-1.0.tar.gz command from within a terminal or use a graphical unpacker like WinZIP or Ark. Then you need to go through the standard qmake && make procedure. Finally issue make install to install the package in your Qt tree. You might need to have superuser priviledges to perform the last step.

If you are using Windows, you can use install a pre-compiled version of wwWidgets. The installer is available in three flavours – for custom MinGW builds, custom MSVC 2008 builds and standard Qt SDK installations.


Usage of wwWidgets in your projects is trivial. Once you install the package on your system all you have to do is to add the following line to your project (.pro) file: CONFIG+=wwwidgets Just remember to run qmake afterwards. From now on you can use wwWidgets includes and classes in your project.

#include <QApplication>
#include <QwwRichTextButton>

int main(int argc, char **argv){
  QApplication app(argc, argv);
  QwwRichTextButton b;
  b.setText("<B>Hello</B> <font color='red'>world</font>");
  return app.exec();

When distributing the project, remember to deploy the widget library with it along regular Qt libs.


wwWidgets is available under dual licence – GPL for Open Source development and Commercial licence for other users. If you want to purchase a commercial licence, please contact me by sending an email to wwwidgets<at>wysota.eu.org.

If you like wwWidgets and you use its GPL variant, please consider donating some money to aid its development.


You can reach me via private messaging system on QtCentre.org if you are registered there.