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wwWidgets is a professional set of useful widgets for Qt 4. It consists of several different widgets that are either enhanced versions of widgets bundled with Qt or completely new ones that implement functionality not available in Qt including custom multipage container widgets that can hold other widgets.

The classes follow all guidelines for building new widgets. Thanks to that they can be used with different widget styles (like Plastique or WindowsXP) and they are easily stylable using Qt style sheets allowing a perfect blend with the rest of your application.

To see wwWidgets at work take a look at available examples.

Class list

QwwButtonLineEdit QwwHueSatPicker QwwLongSpinBox QwwTaskPanel
QwwClearLineEdit QwwHueSatRadialPicker QwwNavigationBar QwwTextSpinBox
QwwColorButton QwwLed QwwNumPad QwwTipWidget
QwwColorComboBox QwwListNavigator QwwResetLineEdit QwwTwoColorIndicator
QwwConfigWidget QwwListWidget QwwRichTextButton
QwwFileChooser QwwLoginBox QwwRichTextEdit


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