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wwWidgets Module

The wwWidgets module. More...


QwwLedWidget that displays a LED
QwwListNavigatorWidget letting the user navigate through items in a list
QwwListWidgetEnhanced QListWidget
QwwLoginBoxLogin form with configurable set of fields for logging into different types of services
QwwLongSpinBoxSpinbox taking long long values
QwwNavigationBarWidget similar to MS Outlook navigation bar
QwwNumPadNumeric keypad widget
QwwResetLineEditLine edit that has an embedded button for resetting the contents of the widget to its initial state
QwwRichTextButtonButton that can display rich text content
QwwRichTextEditDrop-in replacement for QTextEdit that contains a toolbar for editing rich text data
QwwTaskPanelTask panel similar to the one from WindowsXP.(unstable)
QwwTextSpinBoxSpin box with configurable set of texts
QwwTipWidgetWidget that displays application tips
QwwTwoColorIndicatorWidget allowing to choose a foreground and background colour

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