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QwwNumPad Class Reference
[wwWidgets module]

The QwwNumPad widget provides a numeric keypad widget. More...

 #include <QwwNumPad>

This class is not part of the Qt GUI Framework Edition.

Inherits QWidget.

Public Functions

QwwNumPad ( QWidget * parent = 0 )

Public Slots

void animateClick ( const QString & button, int msec = 100 )


void asteriskClicked ()
void hashClicked ()
void keyClicked ( QString key )
void numberClicked ( int key )

Additional Inherited Members

Detailed Description

The QwwNumPad widget provides a numeric keypad widget.


Member Function Documentation

QwwNumPad::QwwNumPad ( QWidget * parent = 0 )

Constructs a numpad widget with a given parent.

void QwwNumPad::animateClick ( const QString & button, int msec = 100 )   [slot]

Performs an animated click.

The button is pressed immediately, and released msec milliseconds later (the default is 100 ms).

Calling this function again on the same button before it was released will reset the release timer. All signals associated with a click are emitted as appropriate. This function does nothing if the button is disabled.

void QwwNumPad::asteriskClicked ()   [signal]

'*' key clicked

void QwwNumPad::hashClicked ()   [signal]

'#' key clicked

void QwwNumPad::keyClicked ( QString key )   [signal]

text of the key clicked

void QwwNumPad::numberClicked ( int key )   [signal]

numeric key clicked

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